Does having a CD make one a singer?

POPULAR music is a cacophony of good and bad audio material. Thank you to real artists whose primary objective is to create great sound, and no thanks to those people who produce records just for the sake of earning money.

In recent pop history, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian were ridiculed for coming up with their respective records believing that their popularity on reality TV could translate into platinum selling albums. Sure, their singles were talked about primarily due to the massive buzz surrounding their weak attempt at pop stardom. And it’s really a sigh of relief that their singing career did not progress.

On the local scene though, although it’s a terribly nauseating sight, celebrities pretending to be singers is pretty much ordinary. It’s apparent when you watch variety and musical shows every day. First, you would see a pretty girl on television bastardizing a popular song. Then albeit having it lip-synced and with the aid of a teleprompter, she can’t still get the lyrics right. Next thing you know, this pretty girl has turned into a recording artist and actively being supported by a major record label.

Maja Salvador in her Dahan Dahan video

Maja Salvador in her Dahan Dahan video

Now, if you believe we are referring to Maja Salvador, who recently launched a CD, no we are not. Although Maja is a perfect example of a celebrity that takes advantage of her popularity to further her dream of a career as a singer, her case is nothing compared to other people in the business. Remember Judy Ann Santos’s platinum selling CD or Anne Curtis’s outrageously successful album? Or what about Daniel Padilla’s multi-platinum record? They’re just some of the few names that validate our theory that good music and good vocals can hardly come in one package.

Daniel Padilla's records are the most popular in recent years

Daniel Padilla’s records are the most popular in recent years

Holding a microphone and looking good on television doesn’t make one a singer neither coming up with an album. Someone has to sound good if not in perfect pitch. It pains to hear that mass music consumer patronizes crappy music and terrible singers as they are not exposed to the idea of artistic integrity. Only a small part of the music market understands what is pleasant to the auditory nerves. Since, a big portion of the music market remains dominated by rabid fans who are content with auto-tuned and terrible vocals, the likes of Maja and the others who have already made their attempt would still be given license to sing amid not having the talent in the first place.

3 thoughts on “Does having a CD make one a singer?

  1. ganyan talaga ang showbiz dito…. walang kanya kanyang niche…kelangan jack of all trades…we let the actors sing when they can’t … we let singers dance when they can’t… sa hollywood, yung movie stars are not TV stars…. tas yung singers sa grammy are not actors.

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