What’s Zap?

If you have been to Finland, the home of a mobile phone company giant, everything works there by simply sending a text message, dialing a dedicated number or by just using a mobile number. You can ride a cab, watch a movie, dine in a restaurant or get your favorite snack from the vendo machine using a mobile phone. Very convenient, yeah?

The good news is, the country is also now joining the mobile payment system bandwagon. In our case, business owners tap this payment platform to get new customers and keep existing ones coming back for more. And well, there are plenty of loyalty and reward systems out there that can help a business enterprise expand its customer database.

Case in point, emerging loyalty rewards program ZAP, a first of its kind in the Philippines, taps the growing numbers of mobile phone users in the country by letting its members earn points and eventually using these points to make future purchases. Cash Back points are good as cash. ZAP members can purchase their next meal, clothes and shoes using their points by simply entering their mobile number at any terminal found in ZAP partner merchants. (1 point is equal to 1 peso).

On the other hand, this reward system allows business owners to give their loyal customers a good reason to come back to their shops every single time by giving ZAP members 5 percent to 20 percent cash back. With 30 thousand (and counting) registered members, this rewards system appears to be more of a win-win situation.

Registering is an easy 3-step process: sign up for free by entering some of your details; verify your email; and finally verify your mobile number. You can start from here: https://www.zap.com.ph/

Zap Crawl in Greenhills

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