#RIPTado : Tribute to funny man

TO SOME people, life begins at 40, but for activist, radio personality and television comedian Arvin Jimenez or more popularly known as Tado, his journey abruptly ended even before it could actually start.

More than a month before Tado turned 40 years old, he met an accident that caused his untimely demise. In the morning of Feb. 7, the comedian was identified as one of the 14 passengers, aboard a tourist bus, fatally killed in an accident on the Banaue-Bontoc road in the Mountain Province. The vehicle fell off a ravine that is over 100 meters deep.

Tado Jimenez

Tado was on his way to Bontoc because of a certain “40 Mountains Project” associated with the group Dakila Philippines, a group Tado co-founded with TV host Lourd de Veyra, rock guitarist for Parokya ni Edgar, Buwi Meneses, and thespian Ronnie Lazaro.

According to its Facebook page, Dakila is an artists group aiming to instill modern-day heroism in everyday people. It’s on the same page where the death of their co-founder was confirmed. The post said: “As of 4:30 p.m. today, we have confirmed that Arvin ‘Tado’ Jimenez, one of the founding members of Dakila, is one of the casualties of the Bontoc bus accident. He is survived by his wife and four children. We will be posting details about the wake as soon as we have coordinated with the family. Thank you.”

Prior to becoming a favorite sidekick and bit player in television series and the movies, Tado gained followers after he appeared in the off-the-wall magazine show Strangebrew that aired on the then NU 107 operated UNTV in 2001. The show was popular among college students who were following Tado’s journey with his riding tandem Angel Rivero. In the program, the two drive throughout Metro Manila looking for some perfect misadventure. With the show’s unique sense of humor it became a cult hit until it went off the air in 2002.

Aside from his radio and television commitments, Tado was also an entrepreneur. He ran LimiTado, a clothing line that sells graphic T-shirts, which main selling points are striking messages and spoofs printed on the shirt.

As if Tado already knew he was embarking on a very long or rather different journey, hours before the accident he posted a picture on Instagram and the caption said: “Long trip, as in trip na trip.”

It was a long trip, indeed, only he did not reach his destination.


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