The Legal (Wife) Battle: prime soaps on fire

The Legal Wife star Angel Locsin

The Legal Wife pokes its rivals to their proper place

Three new series made their way to prime time block on Jan. 27, Carmela and Rhodora X on GMA-7 and The Legal Wife on ABS-CBN. But whose grand entrance was anticipated by the viewers and which pilot telecast made waves on TV ratings battle?

There have been talks that the debut of these evening soaps would further the undying rivalry between Angel Locsin who top-bills The Legal Wife and Marian Rivera who plays the lead character in Carmela: Ang Pinakamagandang Babae sa Balat ng Lupa. The two series were not pitted against each other though. Instead, the Kapuso network put the Jennylyn Mercado-starrer suspense drama (Rhodora X) head to head with The Legal Wife, as a result, the one that made more initial buzz won the ratings war.

Angel Locsin vs Marian Rivera

The Legal Wife vs Ang Pinakamagandang Babae sa Balat ng Lupa

According to data from multinational market research group Kantar Media, The Legal Wife scored 21 percent in national TV ratings on its pilot night, while its direct rival Rhodora X, only registered 11 percent. Carmela debuted with 14.4 percent ratings.

On the other hand, based on the viewership data gathered by AGB Nielsen, The Legal Wife registered 23.9 percent on its pilot episode while Rhodora X was able to register 15.8 percent. Carmela registered 18.1 percent, which is 10 points shy compared to Got To Believe, which airs on the same timeslot.

The trend continued onto the second week as The Legal Wife gains popularity among the netizens consistently topping Twitter Trending Topics and is now taking other social networking sites by storm. It is a strong indication that whether online or offline, viewers tune in to the evening drama to keep up with the story’s development.

And while pilot week is crucial for any television series because it determines how the entire story would flow, on business perspective, television ratings are important as they serve as a temperature check whether or not the program has an audience, which ultimately works as a guide for advertisers on which program to put their advertising investment on. In this battle, it’s obvious that we have a clear winner.

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