People …are talking about Deniece Cornejo

All together now...You re-e-ape me. Yes you re-e-ape me.

All together now…You re-e-ape me. Yes you re-e-ape me.

Deniece Cornejo

Overnight, from being a struggling showbiz wannabe and a beauty pageant reject, the 22-year-old print and commercial model is now the most talked-about personality in all corners of the land. After Deniece was named by Vhong Navarro as the one who accused him of attempted rape, her name now echoes virtually everywhere. We bet a big TV station can no longer wait to have her launched as their next big star. That is, if she wouldn’t end up behind bars.

Jennylyn Mercado nude

Jennylyn Mercado

Critics say she’s the perfect person to play the title role in Rhodora X. The suspense melodrama requires intelligent acting because viewers won’t easily recognize whether or not the lead character is in its split persona. Jennylyn’s ability to smoothly shift from one character to another is what separates her from other Kapuso stars.

The Legal Wife Meme 7

The Legal Wife

It has a big advantage when it comes to publicity because people were already talking about the series even before it hit primetime. Its apparent head start was fueled by its early exposure to social media, the network publicists say. No wonder during its pilot episode, all viewers tuned in on the evening soap. People even anticipate a deluge of funny memes from the series just like the way they eagerly await Maja and Angel in a heated exchange of face palm.


…are not talking about



The series’ premise is as interesting as the stars that headline the evening soap. We hardly see any original series tackle complicated plots let alone a May-December love affair on television. But no matter how exceptional the story is, the series was just bitch-slapped by its rival in terms of viewership. Not even Marian Rivera’s primetime prowess was enough to pull the series’ ratings up.

Buzz ng Bayan

Finally, the revamped The Buzz has made its presence felt. Thank you to Vhong Navarro’s not-so-tell-all exclusive interview, showbiz news consumers all tuned in on the talk show last Sunday. As you all know, without such kind of “human interest stories,” Buzz ng Bayan would be just end up eating the dust of other showbiz news programs that air on other channels.

Mariel Rodriguez

Whatever happened to her hosting career on TV5 is now just a part of tabloid history. We heard she’s sending some vague hints to her former studio that she wants to make a comeback. Mariel is a classic example of a star who was blinded by big paychecks offered by the Novaliches-based TV station. Has she finally seen now the logic of being loyal to a better station?

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