Vhong Navarro’s ordeal

PHOTOS of Vhong Navarro showing his battered face are making the rounds online. The horrific injury was allegedly inflicted by six men who tied, gagged and blindfolded the comedian and TV host.

In a news report that aired on 24 Oras Weekend, a police blotter filed at the Investigative Section of Southern Police District showed Ferdinand Navarro’s (Vhong’s real name) signature in a complaint filed by an unidentified 22-year-old female student. The affidavit said Vhong harassed the student reason he was attacked by a group of men who came to the girl’s rescue. At the end of the complaint, it said that the student would no longer pursue a case against Vhong.

In an exclusive interview with Boy Abunda on Sunday, the still recuperating Vhong admitted that he went to the girl’s condominium unit in Fort Bonifacio on Wednesday, Jan. 22, to bring some food. It was their third meeting, the first was two years ago and the second was on Jan. 17.

The 37-year-old former dancer vehemently denied that he raped the girl, he named as Deniece Cornejo, or forced her to have sexual intercourse with him. He said that he signed the affidavit against him because he was blackmailed by the man he identified as Cedric Lee, a businessman.

In his version of the story, he detailed that on that unforgettable night at the girl’s condo, his hands were tied behind his back while a group of men took turns beating him up. He narrated that Cedric also pulled a gun and pointed it at his head. Afterwards, Cedric took out a camera and allegedly forced him into recording an admission that he raped the 22-year-old girl. He was then blindfolded and taken to the police station. On their way to the police, Vhong said he was told to pay P1 million otherwise the alleged perpetrators would leak the video that shows Vhong admitting that he’s a rapist.

With Vhong’s confession, it appears that there’s a brewing romance between him and Deniece but it abruptly ended when the brutal incident happened. The TV host feels sorry that after all what happened his non-showbiz girlfriend is still on his side giving him all the support that he needs.

We may not know the entire story (yet), and why other names and even network war are being dragged into this scandal. But in the midst of inconsistency in the accounts of parties involved, there’s one clear fact we are sure about, this incident is a crucial lesson that Vhong would never forget.

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