And here come The Legal Wife memes

It hasn’t hit primetime yet but people are already talking about the drama series top-billed by Angel Locsin and Jericho Rosales. Let us give credit to the creative minds that came up with funny memes taken from the trailer of the evening drama. It’s as if the network gained media hype without any sweat so who still needs publicity if the series is getting massive support from the audience that anticipates its pilot?

The Legal Wife Meme 1

Who the hell is Chicser!?

The Legal Wife Meme 2

The Legal Wife goes Pinoy Henyo

The Legal Wife Meme 3

To refresh your memory, “Majarot” was a joke Anne Curtis blurted out in Showtime in January 2013. Th actress apologized a few days after the incident.

The Legal Wife Meme 4

So Echo, tell us…gaano nga kaliit?

The Legal Wife Meme 5

Over the week since the trailer debuted on January 1, several takes on the memorable scene surfaced online, with netizens putting in mock subtitles on screenshots of the exchange to comedic effect.

The mock arguments range from topics like the first day of school, the local boy band Chicser, dandruff (in reference to Locsin’s product endorsement), to the actresses’ real-life relationships.

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