The Corruption Of Melba

Ang Misis ni Meyor 1

MELBA is the wife of a slain farmer-leader whose murder is attributed to an incumbent governor. She goes to the city to re-open the case and to seek out a new life after the tragedy. 

Working as a staff member at the office of City Councilor MARTIN MORALES, she is introduced to the life inside politics. Eventually she will be deeply involved, as her decision to marry the budding politician lays a carefully planned agenda.

By agreeing to its convenience, she will be married as well to the secrets and lies of dirty politics and the dynasties that protect their power and reach. In the end, her morals will be challenged as she plunges herself to the trappings of her own schemes and retributions. The rotten system that made her suffer for years is now the same tool she uses for her new brand of justice.

Ang Misis ni Meyor premieres on Dec. 18.


Corruption is usually associated to public offices and public officials. But in the society where corruption is widely-practiced, it has become an element of the social consciousness and part of the culture as a whole. Corruption has been viewed as a “cultural and psychological phenomenon in a country marked by incompatible legal and cultural norms” (Tapales 1995:407)


Taksikab and Ang Misis ni Meyor director Archie del Mundo

Archie Del Mundo is a Filipino scriptwriter and film director. He has written 8 produced filmscripts since 2009, and 3 more unproduced screenplays currently in production stage. One of the films he has written was entered at the 2010 Digital Lokal Competition of the Cinemanila International Film Festival., while his first film as a writer premiered at two local film festivals (Queer Love Film Festival,  and the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival).  A writer with socio-political and realistic tones, he has worked with Filipino directors Mark Shandii Bacolod (Ben & Sam), Sean Lim (Pendong), Ray Gibraltar (Brod), and Aleksi Gumela (Linabo). He has also written and directed a short film called Detektib, which technically serves as his first directorial stint. Del Mundo’s first full length film as a director is Taksikab, a gripping indie drama about the denizens of the roads of Manila. Taksikab was deemed too graphic in its depiction of sexual violence and poverty by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, prompting them to give it an X-rating on its first review. Shown censorship-free, Taksikab was well-received during its world premiere at the University of The Philippines Film Center in April 2011 The Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival selected Taksikab as part of its annual Midnight Special screenings in July 2011. In February 2012, his debut feature had an international premiere at the Filipino American International Cinema Festival in San Francisco, California, USA.


Ang Misis ni Meyor poster

Marife Necesito is a professional stage, film and TV actress/ commercial model in the Philippines. She is a member of Balintataw Film & Theater Arts of the UNESCO Philippine Center for International Theater Institute (ITI).

She was trained by senior thespian Cecille Guidote Alvarez and Angie Ferro.In theater, various works can be credited to her. For Dulaang Bonifacio, she did August Strindberg, “Miss Julie” as Julie , Jose Rizal’s , “Elias and Salome (Excerpt)”as Salome – For Balintataw Theater Group, she was a part of “Trojan Women” under the direction of Nikos Shiafkalis, as “Perla” in the stage adaptation of the award-winning film “Maynila Sa Kuko ng Liwanag”, as “Juli” in “El Filibusterismo” and as “Lucing/Penang” in “Without Seeing the Dawn”, under the Other stage plays include Des Bautista’s “Heroes of Ilocos” as Princess Urduja, “Song for Ana” playing the lead role, “Movie Reporters on the Loose VI” as Amanda K., and “Square Paradise” as Simplicia.



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