Anne Curtis and her panic-buying memes

Anne Curtis slapped John Lloyd Cruz

Kapamilya star Anne Curtis caused a commotion in a posh bar after slapping John Lloyd Cruz and calling him an addict, slapping Circuit Magazine JR Isaac and an official from Globe Telecom, and berating Phoemela Barranda saying these lines:

“You…what are you doing here!?”

And the now infamous lines:

“I can buy you, your friends, and this club!”

Anne even turned to the bar owner, who was trying to pacify her. As expected, she turned her anger to him and told him that the bar was a sloppy one. “You know, this is the worst club to have a party!”

Anne behaved as if she’s under a very potent drug but the actress claimed she just had one drink too many.

Anne Curtis I Can Buy You

Anne Curtis I Can Buy You 1

Anne-Curtis I Can Buy You 2


Anne Curtis Apology



Anne Curtis in a drug addict tweet




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