Epic FAIL: Arnold Clavio interviews Napoles’ lawyer

Is Arnold Clavio trying to be a Tulfo? In this interview, what kind of broadcast journalist do you see? Where is Arn-Arn in this kind of poorly-managed question and answer? Your thoughts?

The interview, which took place Monday morning again and aired live on “Unang Hirit”, was posted on the YouTube account, “GMA KapusoTV Shows which also featured clips from other GMA shows.

Clavio wanted to know whether Napoles would attend the coming Senate hearings on the PDAF issue. Villamor responded by saying he thinks his client will attend but he can’t say for certain since Napoles has another counsel for that hearing.

“My engagement is limited to the serious illegal detention case,” Villamor politely replied before backtracking by saying that he does not know if Napoles has another lawyer who will accompany her for her Senate appearance.

Clavio then pursued the matter further by suggesting that Napoles’ Senate appearance would be an opportunity for her to confront her accuser Luy. Again, Villamor reiterated that he’s not involved in Napoles’ PDAF cases.

Sounding annoyed, Clavio then asked when Napoles is scheduled to appear in court for her serious illegal detention case since that’s what Villamor is representing her for. The lawyer calmly replied by saying that their camp is still waiting for the resolution for their petition for bail.

At this point, Clavio is beginning to sound like he’s running out of patience and blurted, “Eh sino po ba ang dapat naming kausapin dito?” Again, Villamor made the distinction that he could only speak for Napoles when it comes to her serious illegal detention case and not the PDAF issue.

“Pasira ka ng araw eh,” Clavio snapped, adding that the case in court was exactly what he meant. As their exchange heated up and as Villamor continued to calmly explain his side, Clavio told the lawyer, “Tatawa-tawa ka pa!”

Realizing the conversation is at a dead end, an exasperated Clavio said, “Sana pala hindi na namin kayo…salamat po, wala po akong nakuha sa inyo”.

2 thoughts on “Epic FAIL: Arnold Clavio interviews Napoles’ lawyer

  1. Hay! Wala na atang abogado si Napoles? Pati yung sa illegal detention case wala pang linaw?! I understand where Arnold Clavio is coming from. The man was evasive in his responses. He is a lawyer but he is only a lawyer for the other case, the illegal detention one…barking on the wrong tree dito si Arnold Clavio, yung research assistant nya sumemplang ata?

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