Sarah Geronimo channels Beyoncé in new video

The official music video of “Ikot Ikot” has been released recently. The song is Sarah Geronimo’s latest single culled from the now certified platinum-selling album Expressions, which celebrates her 10th year in the music business.

Sarah Geronimo 2013

The four-minute MV features Sarah in a black backdrop interpreting the torch song just like the way Beyoncé Knowles does it. Prior to the release of the music video, Sarah had performed the single several times live and we could not help but compare the young singer to the international RnB star with the way she interpreted the song  based on body movement and the use of “diva-roars.”

We can now hardly trace the a la Celine Dion singing style that Sarah used to mimic when she was just starting out on the recording scene.

In one of her recent interviews, Sarah said that “Ikot Ikot,” in particular, is a very emotional song which she can easily relate to. She can now better interpret the lyrics primarily due to her past experiences that made her more mature.

We see a bright future in this dynamic change but this leaves us with a very basic question, is she really just copying someone else’s style and claims it to be her own? Well, it could be just our auditory nerves and our average reasoning but most genuine critics’ observations are all the same.

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