Ka Freddie’s controversial May-December love affair

Fans of Ringo Starr, in any way, wouldn’t want to associate the song “You’re Sixteen” to Freddie Aguilar’s romantic affair with a minor. But no matter how they dismiss the idea, it’s too intrusive that they also find the song fit to depict the controversial affair.

Freddie Aguilar kissing 16 yr old girlfriend

The classic song, which The Beatles member revived in 1973, goes like this, “You walked out of my dreams, into my arms. Now you’re my angel divine. You’re sixteen, you’re beautiful, and you’re mine.”

Ringo had a pretty vivid picture of the girl featured in the song, giving listeners a hint that the singer knew the girl very well. Freddie, on the other hand, also had a clear description of the girl he’s crazy about. The only difference is the sexagenarian folk musician was not aware that the girl he’s smitten with was just 16 when they initially met. He only knew about the girl’s age when he’s already madly, deeply in love with her.

The media storm started after Freddie’s interview at the 5th Star Awards for Music where he was conferred with a lifetime achievement award. In the interview, he said that he is adjusting to his new girlfriend because he is over 40 years older than the girl. But despite the wide age gap, the two are considering having a baby and interestingly, the girl’s parents approve of their relationship.

As soon as the report hit the web, a series of photos of Freddie and his minor girlfriend spread online like wild fire. The photos show the odd couple seen kissing and cozying up to one another. Thereafter, a barrage of mostly negative feedback and unsolicited advice flooded social networking sites.

Meanwhile, Freddie’s daughter, Meagan, came to his father’s defense insisting that there’s nothing wrong with his father’s affair with the yet to be named teenager. She asserted that his father is just being true to himself. She also expressed dismay over fellow artists who have made snide comments about her father.

In a showbiz radio program, an adult psychiatrist already gave her take on this May – December love affair. The specialist pointed out that the age gap between Freddie and his girlfriend would affect how both of them would handle adjustments and even take possible responsibilities coming in their odd relationship. It could be normal for them to feel that they should fight for their love. But in the end, that love would have to be tested and the consequence might not be likely.

In other development, we heard that the musician’s current partner would like to enter showbiz…so there!

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