Suklay Diva combs her way to internet stardom

With thousands of fans now on Facebook and more than a million views of her videos on Youtube, Katrina Velarde known as ‘Suklay Diva’ is seriously making rounds on the virtual stage.

Though most of her videos were uploaded on the video sharing site months and years ago, Katrina is fast becoming the newest internet sensation after her cover of ‘Dangerously In Love’ by Beyonce went viral.

Katrina Velarde is Suklay Diva

The singer was praised by netizens for her effortless singing and amazing vocal chops. Aside from her great voice, what really makes Katrina become an overnight star is the microphone she used on her video.

She use a hair comb (suklay in Talagalog) as her microphone which means this impromptu act doesn’t require any vocal editing to sound perfect — it’s just her plain vocal prowess.

Watch a sample of her talent here:

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