Angel Locsin returns as Darna

A decade after her last sightings on the big screen, Darna is set to amaze moviegoers via a film that will showcase cutting-edge special effects Philippine cinema has never seen before.

The moviemaking technology that will be used in the new film is as intriguing as to who will play the title role. Are they going to employ a 3D technology that displays images twice as fast as the current standard or are they going to reincarnate Darna using the stunning detail and clarity of Imax format?

Angel Locsin is the sexiest Darna (fan photo, credit to the owner)

Though his question is rather difficult to answer, the big question on who will “swallow the white stone” has already been answered.

KC Concepcion, Cristine Reyes, Sarah Geronimo and Jessy Mendiola have been considered as potential Darna. No one really knew who was going to fly as Darna until Star Cinema’s managing director confirmed that Angel Locsin will play the coveted role.

Angel Locsin as Darna 2014

In an interview in ABS-CBN news last month, the Kapamilya actress said she would love to portray the role of Filipino superheroine again if her mother studio gave her the opportunity. Angel was given a chance to don Darna’s iconic red costume when GMA-7 revived the Mars Ravelo classic as a television series in 2005.

Angel seems to be Star Cinema’s logical choice to play the role. First, her legion of fans has been asking for it. And since Angel has lost a lot of pounds and already got her svelte figure back, Darna’s sexy two-piece would look perfect on her.


Why Bong backed out of INC film?

Actor-politician Bong Revilla, who is facing a plunder case due to alleged misuse of Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) otherwise known as the “pork barrel,” is no longer part of the biographical drama Ang Huling Sugo.

Janet Napoles and her BFF (?) Senator Bong Revilla and (another BFF) Philip Salvador

Janet Napoles and her BFF (?) Senator Bong Revilla and (another BFF) Philip Salvador

The historical film, which also stars Richard Gomez and Albert Martinez, dramatizes the life of Felix Ysagun Manalo, the first Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC). With thousands of people participating as talents for the film, it is said to be the largest and the most expensive local movie with more than P300-million production budget.

The 47-year-old Bong has backed out because he is worried that the current pork barrel controversy might taint the film and that INC might be criticized for letting him portray a key role. He is supposed to play Eduardo V. Manalo, the third and current Executive Minister of the religious group.

Bong’s gesture clearly shows how concerned he is on the possible impact of pork barrel scam in the upcoming film, furthermore to the image of the religious group behind the high budget movie project. Using the same idea, has resigning from his seat as a Senator ever crossed his mind? Sure, more than anything else, he doesn’t want to lose people’s trust and he wouldn’t want the entire Senate be implicated by the current controversy that confronts him right now

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