Glee’s most anticipated season premiere

The fifth season of the musical comedy series Glee may be its most anticipated season yet. Not only does the show open with an epic 2-part season premiere that takes on the classic song catalog of The Beatles, but also the show pays homage to its dearly departed cast member Cory Monteith. The Emmy and Golden Globe Award Winning series returns to Jack TV and ETC via satellite on September 27.

Glee Season 2

Last season, viewers were left wondering if Blaine will pop the question to Kurt; if Rachel will get her dream role in NYC; if Ryder will forgive Unique for deceiving him; and what will happen next for the Glee Club as they head to the National Competition? All these answers and a whole lot more are in store for fans this fifth season.  From elaborate proposals, singing waitresses and a prom night not to be forgotten, the 2-part season premiere of Glee starts off with a bang!

The much-talked about third episode of the season entitled “The Quarterback” will be the most emotional episode of the show to date. Paying tribute to the late actor Cory Monteith, the episode will say farewell to his character Finn Hudson and deal in a realistic way with how different people deal with the passing of a loved one.

Glee first premiered in the Philippines in 2009, the musical comedy about a glee club of ambitious and talented high school students has proven to be a phenomenon not just in the country but around the world. The show stars Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz, Naya Rivera, Darren Criss, Chord Overstreet, Jacob Artist,Melissa Benoist ,Becca Tobin, Alex Newell, Blake Jenner, and Jane Lynch.
Joining the already popular ensemble for Glee Season 5 are guest stars Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert.

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