Angel Locsin, Marian Rivera in one project

A photo of Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera cozy together went viral last week.

Fans were quick to assume that the two celebrated stars are collaborating on a big project.

Both the supporters of Angel and Marian could not tell whether the project is for a film or for an endorsement deal.


Both camps were also mum on the supposedly big secret until photos were shared on Instagram showing Angel, Marian, Judy Ann Santos, Charlene Gonzales and Anne Curtis in the same frame.

The next set of photos did not create much of an impact but they did clear the cobwebs on why Angel and Marian were seen getting comfy with each other. The two stars along with the others mentioned had a pictorial for a popular magazine, which issue next month gives credit to the people who work behind every fashion shoot.

So sorry to burst your bubble but there’s no Angel-Marian project in the offing (yet).

Angel Locsin, Marian Rivera, Anne Curtis, Judy Ann Santos, Charlene Gonzales

On-screen rivals

The supposed rivalry between the Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera has gone a long way. Since the rise of the latter as GMA Network’s primetime queen, fans have become too obsessed pitting the two against each other.

In 2007, Angel stirred controversy when she rejected to play the title role in GMA-7’s remake of the Mexican hit series, MariMar. She made headlines with her unexpected transfer to ABS-CBN after five years as a Kapuso. That big move became an opportunity for Marian, who was just playing bit roles in afternoon soaps back then. She was tapped to portray the role Angel rejected and turned out to be the perfect star to play MariMar in the local TV version.

In 2009, Marian went on to star as Darna in TV series produced by GMA-7 four years after Angel gave life to Mars Ravelo’s most popular komiks creation. Since then, ABS-CBN and GMA-7 have learned to play the game that involved both actresses, most of the programs that starred them were scheduled on the same timeslots creating more conflict between two warring fan groups.

Angel Locsin VS Marian Rivera

The truth is, the two stars are in good terms. It’s just their fans who are not. Last year, Angel and Marian were asked how they feel working on a movie project together. Both entertained the idea. They said it would be great movie if it happened.

With an army of loyal supporters, if there would be any Angel-Marian collaboration in the future, publicists and promoters will not have any hard time selling the joint project. Their names alone can create free publicity. Hence instead of pitting the two against each other in nonsense issues and online polls, why not make that project happen?

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