When personal becomes public: A story of Chito Miranda’s birdie

There is nothing wrong when two consenting adults create a video of their intimate encounter, adult psychologists say, it gave pleasure for the both individuals.

The problem is when the private possession falls into the hands of a wrong person.

Case in point, Parokya ni Edgar front man Chito Miranda and former ABS-CBN talent Neri Naig recorded one of their steamy trysts. Unfortunately, an alleged robbing incident took place in the band member’s residence and next thing they know the private home video of the couple is now shared across different online platforms, including porn sites.

Celebrity scandals like this is nothing new. There have been numerous video scandals in the past. The only difference is that now video scandals become viral, thanks to the public’s access to media, social networking, mass communication, and not to mention a dedicated industry of professional celebrity watchers (read: bloggers).

Without a doubt, both Miranda and Naig were devastated when they learned that the intimate video hit the web. They can only do so much in preventing the spread and even the duplication of the explicit material, hence calm and collected, the 37-year-old band member turned to social media to apologize to their families for a leaked “private video.”

Truth is, this could have been prevented if no video was recorded in the first place. The couple would no longer have to go through the pain of pretending to ignore unsolicited advice and harsh public judgment if they kept this intimate souvenir in the realm of their minds.

Since most people have some level of fascination for celebrity scandals, just make sure that good lighting and better recording device should be used.


As the plot of Chito Miranda and Neri Naig sex drama thickens, a twist new unfolds. Rumors circulated that it was Chito’s son who uploaded the lewd video. Chito, of course vehemently denied the rumors through Parokya Ni Edgar’s official Facebook account.

Chito Miranda Son

In his usual jocose self, Chito apologized to the band’s followers because he wasn’t able to post anything the past week. He said he was quite busy because of the controversies surrounding him and his girlfriend. He then said his bandmate, Dindin, was frustrated at him because he didn’t make him a godfather to his supposed son.

The Parokya Ni Edgar frontman added he had no idea he already has a son and apparently some other children. Recently, a Facebook account named Alfonso Yanga Miranda (nicknamed JB) posted statuses and messages regarding the spread of the sex video. He said he was the one who leaked the video because he doesn’t want who Miranda became now. Also, the JB person said he felt sorry for his father that Ate Lirah (Miranda’s ex-girlfriend) left him. He also alleged that Neri is only after Chito’s money. Chito earlier came to his girlfriend’s defense, and said people should stop bashing Neri. He maintained how good a person his girlfriend is and how much he respects and loves her. On his Facebook account, the singer thanked his supporters, especially his bandmates, who stood by him through the whole issue.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata

angel locsin and chito miranda scandal

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