Chito Miranda and Neri Naig sex video, anyone?

The entire online world is abuzz with another sex video. Apparently, Chito Miranda’s Hayden Kho-like intimate video with Neri Naig is now being shared across different online platforms.  

The scandalous video of Parokya ni Edgar vocalist and former ABS-CBN talent has been leaked online after the allegedly robbing incident in the singer’s house. The said home-made video shows the couple having an intimate moment not for public consumption. It was uploaded on YouTube early Saturday but immediately deleted after few hours, unfortunately, screengrabs of the video were already reposted on different social networking sites and blogs.

Neri-Naig-and-Chito-Miranda sex video

Chito, on his Instagram account, expressed his disappointment over the incident.

5 responses to “Chito Miranda and Neri Naig sex video, anyone?

  1. saan na ung video? can i see it?

  2. where can i watch the video? can anyone post a link here?


    puro ads lang.. yung tunay na video url san?

  4. Admin

    kindly remove my previous post regarding the link.

    i apologize. thank you.

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