Camera starts rolling again for ‘The Newsroom’

GOLDEN Globe-nominated series The Newsroom is back with a brand new season. The American political drama created by Academy and Emmy-award winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin premieres across Asia next week, Aug. 5.

The nine-episode HBO drama series follows the story of a high-rated cable-news program, News Night, produced by a fictional network called Atlantis Cable News (ACN) Network. The series uses actual past news events, or stories, which have been inspired by them. It chronicles what happens in the news production and unfolds the drama before and after the camera starts rolling for the newscast.


The series stars Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer who plays as news anchor Will McAvoy and the show’s executive producer Mackenzie McHale, respectively. Other cast regulars include John Gallagher, Jr., Alison Pill, Thomas Sadoski, Dev Patel, Sam Waterston and Olivia Munn.

To promote the show, Munn, who is known for starring is films Iron Man 2 and Magic Mike, visited Singapore to talk about the series and her character that is now considered a dominant force in the multi-awarded HBO drama.

In The Newsroom, the 33-year-old Munn plays Sloan Sabbith, a financial news reporter who advocates for more controversial stories. In the first season, we saw Sloan as an attractive but socially awkward reporter who creates uncomfortable situations for herself and others.

Q and A with Olivia Munn

Whilst in Singapore, the ­ManilaStandardTODAY had a chance to do a phone interview with the Hollywood actress to discuss her character in the hit series and what people can expect to see from her character in this season:


“She’s going to take on more news stories on the administration’s anti-terrorism policy. And she also has this great big brother and small sister relationship.”

Are there any revelations that would allow us to know more about character?

“There are no big revelations but we’ll get to see more on the things she’s confident in and not confident in. It’s just the season two so it’s about still getting to know who she is. Maybe in the next coming season there will be big revelations.”

What can you say about the positive response your character gets from the audience and critics?

“I have heard the positive response and it’s so humbling and kind of dizzying to think about. I tried so hard to get into the show. I wasn’t even favored to audition for it because I’m not a Broadway actress and I haven’t had a lot of this success, I’ve always been this girl from the other side of the track. I didn’t have the family that was encouraging me to go into arts.”

How do you feel that you got into the show?

“I’m not even a Tony nominated actress. To have gotten into the show and to have the audience and critics respond the way that they have to my character, it’s a very nice feeling. If more people are pointing out Sloan and really connecting with her then it’s a nice feeling.”

Apart from its universal appeal, what makes The Newsroom a big hit?

“The Newsroom has been so successful because we have brought in a situation that everyone no matter what part of the world you are in, we all need the news, the news is the window to the world for everyone. It’s the connection that we all feel with the news. [Aaron] Sorkin’s choice in taking real news events and placing them into our newsroom…it brings back memories of those moments and makes us start asking questions again.”

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