Beauty with a purpose

Reigning Mrs. Globe Sheryl Lynn Baas is every inch of a beauty queen. She has a flawless complexion. And she exudes sophistication, above and beyond the usual  tale of the tape—tall, graceful and having a striking figure.

Like any other beauty pageant titleholders, Sheryl also struts the runway, poses for numerous photo shoots and attends functions as ambassador of the organization that she represents.  She also has an impressive educational background. She was an honor student and now pursues her studies in cultural anthropology and development sociology in Netherlands’ Leiden University. But what separates the 27-year-old Filipino-Dutch stunner from the rest of other beauty queens we know is her undying commitment to helping impoverished children. She is a living example of the beauty queen mantra, “beauty with a purpose.”

Sheryl Lynn Baas Mrs Globe 2013

Sheryl arrived in Manila last week to orient the country’s bet for the upcoming Mrs. Globe 2014 to be held in China in October. Also, she shared her experiences after winning the international competition with winners of Mrs. Globe Philippines. Sheryl admitted that what truly excited her the most was her visit to her mother’s home town in Leyte where she donated three classrooms for an elementary school in that province.

“Some people think that beauty is not something that can relate to charity because they see beauty just as outer beauty, but beauty is so much more. In these days when media have so much influence, it is very helpful to be a face and be recognized to promote your message,” Sheryl told the Manila StandardTODAY when asked why she still joined beauty pageants when her heart really belongs to charities and worthy causes.

“I’m fortunate I have been gifted with outer beauty as well so that I can use it as a tool to promote what I feel inside. It matches really well together. And the motto of Mrs. Globe actually is perfect saying, where the power of beauty changes the world,” she added.

The 5-foot-9 beauty, shared that her mother used to peddle wood on the streets and skip school to help her parents afford a meal. Her mother’s experiences have inspired her to help poor kids in the country. Now, she uses her fame as Mrs. Globe to send school supplies, grant scholarships and raise funds for construction of school facilities in Leyte.

As a young girl, Sheryl already knew what challenges young children in Leyte are confronted with. Since she was two, she and her family regularly visited the Philippines to reconnect with her mother’s roots.

At 23, when she won Miss Netherlands, she decided to establish a Philippine-based non-government organization focused on helping Filipino children attain quality education. She aptly called it Shery Lynn Foundation (SLF). Since then, SLF has been giving scholarships, providing school supplies and helping build classrooms and schools in various parts of Leyte.

“She could have been satisfied being a beauty queen in Holland but she instead honors her Filipino roots by helping our underprivileged youth,” said Carla ­Cabrera-Quimpo, Mrs. Philippines-Globe national pageant director.

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