The beauty of waking up in the afternoon

Since I started writing for a national daily and working in a data processing center for a global bank, my life turned in full 360. I wake at around 1 pm, and on a daily basis, I eat my breakfast at around 2 pm, it’s when the family has just finished eating lunch. My own lunch is at 8 pm and my dinner comes at around 3 or 4 am. Sometimes, I just take a light snack or cook my favorite pancit canton paired with hardboiled eggs. You see, that’s a routine, unless I have an event to cover the next day because that means I have to alter my entire body clock.

lucky me pancit canton

When I arrive home, in time for my late dinner or late snack (sometimes I eat at the office during breaks), everybody in the house is asleep. The whole house is quiet and I can concentrate writing a feature article or an item for my column. As an insomniac myself, I can’t really sleep early even though I don’t have anything to do. Some people say, my lifestyle is unhealthy and that I’m abusing my body. They even say losing my 20-20 vision is one of the indications.

One of my teachers in high school told me that sleeping past midnight causes the death of millions of brain cells. I say, I’ve got more than enough. We are just using 10 percent of our brain anyway and I’m maximizing what I have. Let those other millions die, they don’t have too much of a work to do. I guess.


There’s an article that says people who wake up at around 5 or 6 am are more likely to live a happier life than those who wake up late in the morning. I say, it’s how you live your life. One can wake up at an early time but if his perspective towards life negates all the positive things surrounding him, then it’s much better he stays in bed instead.


The beauty of waking up in the afternoon, when everybody’s day is almost at its peak, lies on how you maximize your time with your friends, your loved ones and yourself.


As I was saying, it’s how you look at things. If you can run 5 miles a week, read a book, sweat it out and stretch your muscles in the gym, spend time with friends and colleagues on a Friday night out, go out with your family on a weekend, and find some time to relax alone, don’t you think you are living a happy life? Or maybe it’s just me and my definition of happiness.

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