Julia Barreto’s launching series

Promising star Julia Barretto was supposed to reprise the role that endeared Gloria Romero to the moviegoers in 1953 but ABS-CBN decided not push through with the project, which would also be the teen actress’s launching television series.

Julia-Barretto 2013

Early this year, the Kapamilya Network revealed a lineup of the upcoming series that would hit the boob tube in 2013. Among them was the small screen adaptation of the classic movie Cofradia. In the story, the antagonist is a dark-skinned girl and the butt of jokes in her community. Her life begins to have a complete turn when she gets hold of a magic candle that changes her complexion.

But rumors have it that the network decided to scrap the TV project altogether because of numerous comments it received from the online community. Netizens believed that the series will be verging towards racism and that it might send a message that real beauty can only be found in people with fair complexion. Additionally they were bothered that the show might affect the self-esteem of young Filipino women since majority of them are not blessed with fair skin.

Addressing the matter, a replacement show is now being conceptualized for the Star Magic talent. But then again, the opportunity in this issue lies not on how the story will be presented but on how the viewers would react.

Cofradia is a story loved by the previous generations (it was a box-office hit in 1953, it revived in 1973). People then didn’t react since they knew it was a work of fiction and there’s more to the story than Cofradia’s skin color. Sure, Cofradia is not the only movie or series that follows the same storyline. It’s easy to assume that people are just over reacting.

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