To each his own

In a conservative society where people are also quick to judge, coming out of the closet is stressful and can cause anxiety. This was Charice Pempengco’s predicament before she sat down with Boy Abunda in a tell-all interview that aired on the Buzz last Sunday.

Charice Tomboy

The former X-Factor judge courageously admitted on national TV that she’s a lesbian and was apologetic for people who might not understand or accept her decision. At the same time, Charice was thankful to those who remained loyal to her even if she went through a dramatic transformation.
Speculation regarding Charice’s sexuality became the subject of all talks when she began shedding her sweet teen girl image and opted for a more boyish look. Now she sports a hairstyle that rival’s Daniel Padilla’s famous locks.
Charice Tomboy Photo
Though people respect Charice’s decision, the collective sentiment of those who have supported her since her Sunshine Corazon and YouTube days is for her to keep everything low key and to go back to singing since that is the reason why people like her in the first place. She might want to consider hiring a better stylist as well to complement her new image because if she does not know yet, one can be lesbian and can still look decent and desirable…Yes, she badly needs a better stylist.

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