The most popular kid in town

We all know who Ryzza Mae Dizon is and at some point we tried mimicking her little cha-cha dance craze.

No doubt Ryzza is the most popular eight-year-old kid in town. In fact, the 44th Box-Office Entertainment Awards just validated the kid’s status by giving her the Most Popular Child Performer recognition recently.


We bet the person who presented the idea of The Ryzza Mae Show is smiling from ear to ear most specially that the kiddy fare is beginning to make some waves on the late morning timeslot. Even the rival station had to tweak one of its program formats and adjust timeslots to make sure Ryzza’s daily show wouldn’t edge them out.

ryzza mae dizon

Though it did not come as a big surprise when Ryzza was given her own program, we feel that this is just a novelty act, which means it might stay for a while and when the station can no longer sustain the predictable flow of the daily talk show, they will just axe it like what they did to their other programs that failed to rate.

At first glance, people would think that Ryzza’s daily show is a breath of fresh air and that the concept of a pintsize host prancing around interviewing some popular names in showbiz is a brand new concept. The kids from Going Bulilit have already done that many times over only it’s not on a daily basis.

In all fairness to the kid, she is witty. She is not your typical “little miss” doll but she has all the charm and mass appeal. And she is developing a big fan base on social networking sites and her clips on YouTube are getting a lot of views. But are these sufficient enough to spell longevity for Ryzza’s career in showbiz? Will she ever have another hit to top her Cha-Cha dance craze?

Awkward stage

The Little Miss Philippines titleholder is lucky enough that at an early age numerous opportunities knock on her door. Again we wouldn’t be surprised if GMA 7 decides to give the child star a television series or perhaps a starring role in a movie. But until what point will she get this kind of treatment?

No question, Ryzza deserves the spotlight and all the attention she is getting right now. Imagine the kid works for five hours a day appearing in two daily shows whilst other kids her age are at school studying and interacting with one another or perhaps playing on the streets with other kids. This is the price that child stars like her have to pay—being deprived of a normal childhood.

Ryzza is like all the Niño Muhlachs who came to showbiz. The mass loved them because they’re cute and adorable until they grew up and went through that awkward stage when people don’t accept them anymore.

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