Korean wave surges again

Due to the massive influence of television and the Internet, hit dance song Gentleman and Internet meme Gwiyomi have become clear testaments that Korean pop is here to stay.

psy gentleman parody

Just when local folks thought that the sudden spread of South Korean entertainment and popular culture were over, viral sensations Gentleman and Gwiyomi made a phenomenal splash making every Pinoy from all walks of life talks about it.

South Korean superstar Psy is no longer a one-hit wonder on the global music scene after the release of the LSS (last song syndrome)inducing single, Gentleman. The much-anticipated follow-up to Psy’ss mammoth hit Gangnam Style has garnered almost 360 million views on YouTube since it debuted on the video-sharing site a month ago.

Along Gentleman’s success are daily crop of spoofs and parody videos. Local celebrities are obviously hooked with Psy’s newest dance move as almost everyone on the small screen does the signature dance move.

On the other hand, viral song and Internet meme Gwiyomi also shares the spotlight with the more popular K-Pop product.

gwiyomi meaning

Unless you have been living under a rock, you wouldn’t have known that Gwiyomi is a Korean Internet slang which refers to “the cute one or little cutie.”

Inspired by hand movements of a popular South Korean rapper, Gwiyomi or Gwiyomi Player has caught the attention of the world wide web after Asian netizens uploaded their own versions on the Internet.

kim jae joong gwiyomi male version

Although the original single was released in October last year, it took months for Gwiyomi to be a viral sensation. In early March, Thai celebrities started making their own Gwiyomi parody videos and in April Filipino celebrities and celebrity wannabes followed suit.

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