License to sing

Two Sundays ago, Anne Curtis belted a Regine Velasquez hit on Asap stage. The audience cheered and gave her a round of applause not for her singing though but because of her overwhelming confidence performing a rather difficult piece.

anne curtis 2013

Before the actress sang (and struggled on every note) she gave a disclaimer that she’s doing it all for fun since the series that she starred in, Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw, was on its final week. Hence nothing was serious in that performance but mind you, Anne is making a living out of this kind of joke.

Everybody knows that Anne is not a singer, not even close to having an acceptable skill to be called one, but she compensate her lack of vocal ability with her charm and amazing confidence. As a proof that music consumers approve her talent or the lack of it, she was recently named by the Guillermo Mendoza Foundation as Female Concert Performer of the Year besting big names in local music such as Sarah Geronimo and Regine Velasquez. Her debut album has also been certified Platinum record by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry (PARI).  And there could be a repeat of these successes as Anne announced last week that she plans to stage another major concert similar to Annebisyosa.

With Anne’s achievements on the music scene, people are asking how come she’s able to do it and other legitimate singers can’t. Well, it’s like asking why Charice can’t score a million records and Britney Spears can.

Daniel Padilla 2013

Another classic example is Daniel Padilla. The teenage heartthrob though can obviously carry a tune, can’t still be considered a good singer. Despite his below par vocals and lame concert stage presence, Daniel has a double platinum record under his belt.

Daniel’s home studio knows how to handle his meteoric rise in showbiz and in music business. Recently, Star Records has released the young star’s sophomore album in time for his upcoming concert at the Big Dome. The tickets to the concert are sold out now and that validates how popular Daniel is among the young generation of music consumers.

Anne and Daniel’s prolific career in music recording is the envy of many because there are good-looking stars in recent history that attempted to look cute holding a microphone but failed big time on the challenge to be relevant in the music business and concert stage.

In conclusion, it’s not really their music that sells. It’s their looks and how there are packaged to be a must-buy brand. It can also be that music consumers now prefer simple melodies that they easily hum rather than struggling to hit a note because of a singer’s ability to incorporate vocal gymnastics in his or her song.

Indeed, gone are the days when local music chart serves as a battleground for artists with undeniably good vocals.

One thought on “License to sing

  1. Yup… Anne Curtis was never one to show a lack of confidence. I think that because she never seems to be taking things too seriously outside of acting makes her very likable. She is sweet, sexy, smart and humble.. she’s got a good head on her shoulders. It helps that she also makes things look so easy.:)

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