Date movies in the love month

A romantic film with a twist of comedy, a reunion movie shot entirely in Amsterdam and Paris, a funny gay indie flick and a biopic of a famous politician: these are the films local cinema has to offer this February.

First to be seen this month is the indie flick starring Rocco Nacino and Rodjun Cruz entitled I Love You, Pare Ko. The low-budget movie is an unconventional gay-themed indie as it neither tackles extreme poverty nor diminishes into merely a flesh fest. The film has a mainstream appeal as it stars already known actors but with an almost five-minute trailer, people could already create a mental picture on how the whole story would run. On the flipside, the lengthy trailer puts the spotlight on Rocco and gives us a glimpse on how he can easily breathe life into a character most young actors wouldn’t dare to play.


Then, a day before Valentine, Star Cinema takes the sturdy tandem of 31 year-old Coco Martin and 17 year-old Julia Montes to a big screen spectacle via A Moment in Time (entirely different from the novel-based BBC series that debuted in 1979). Shot in Amsterdam and other key cities in Paris, the romantic drama delves into the rather passé route of two people seeking for true love. But Coco reassures his fans that they will appreciate the unexpected twist in the end, and since most of their expected audiences are the supporters of Walang Hanggan, Coco asserts that the film is far different from the intense and serious scenes people saw in the phenomenal television series.

Julia Montes 2013

Reuniting on the silver screen are Kapuso stars Marian Rivera and Richard Gutierrez. They play cat and dog in a rom-com, My Lady Boss. There’s a high expectation on this new project as it can be recalled that the 2008 rom-com My Best friend’s Girlfriend,  Marian and Richard’s first movie, earned more than P100 million at the box office. This time though, Richard plays an average guy trying to woo the heart of a sophisticated company executive played by Marian. My Lady Boss is slated to hit the theaters on Feb. 27 but rumors have it that GMA Films is again planning to push the play date of the movie (it’s originally scheduled for Valentine’s Day showing).

my lady boss

Finally, the fourth local movie to hit the multiplexes is a biopic directed and top-billed byCesar Montano. Entitled The Untold Story of Alfredo Lim, this will also be the fourth movie that tells the life story of the famous Manila Mayor. In time for the midterm elections, the movie features the “unknown” bits of Lim’s biography like his humble beginnings, his childhood in Hospicio de San Jose, and his struggles to finish his studies. The movie appears as if it rebrands the high-profile politician from a strict law-enforcer into a man with a soft heart.

By any chance the early life of Mayor Lim doesn’t excite the little cinephile in you, then there’s Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln and get a quick lesson on American history the Hollywood way. The biopic is showing this February as well. And if you’re truly planning to see romantic movies this month you might want to check Upside Down, Safe Heaven, Playing For Keeps and Beautiful Creatures. These can be the best choice, not only that you could get the best value for your money, these big screen charmers can stir your imagination and make you fall in love at the same time.

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