Brightest stars, trending in 2012

Paraphrasing what former Twitter communications director Matt Graves said, the list of trending topics is a reflection of what people are talking about. Similarly, computer scientist and Google’s Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist Vinton Cerf asserted that the Internet is a mirror of the population that uses it.

In this respect, it is safe to assume that most people talked about and extremely fascinated with showbiz and entertainment events and personalities.

fan made photo of sarah geronimo 2013

In 2012 alone, American Idol runner up Jessica SanchezShowtime host and actress Anne Curtis, host and concert performer Sarah Geronimo, actresses Marian Rivera andAngelica PanganibanDolphy and his death, teen actor Daniel Padilla, and Eat Bulaga Indonesia are the most-searched celebrities and events on the local version of Google and Yahoo.

Marian Rivera 2013 FHM

Kapamilya primetime shows Walang Hanggan and Princess and I are the most popular television programs among the netizens while chart-topper “Sirena” by rapper Gloc-9 and viral song “Pusong Bato” are the big hits on the local music scene according to Internet users.

coco martin and julia montes movie 2013

Manny Paquiao is still the most popular Filipino athlete, thanks to his recent foray into politics and game show hosting. His regular stint on television made him more visible in the eyes of his die-hard fans. Pacman is followed by cager James Yap, who is not just popular on the hard court but also a favorite topic by tabloid writers due to an ongoing feud with his ex-wife.

Considering these names and events, we can come up with a pretty fair description on “who are in” in the world of showbizlandia in 2012. The most-searched list also plays a big factor in knowing which network has the most fans and followers.

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