Will there ever be a Pinoy movie on IMAX?

Watching high-octane action and animated movies in Imax makes us wonder. Will there ever be a Filipino film that can be shown in Imax theaters?

RPG Metanoia 2010

Films in Imax is a totally unique and different experience compared to watching movies on conventional screens. It justifies the adage “bigger is better” as you get to see stunning larger than life images complemented by visually arousing effects. Everything has stunning detail and clarity.

In 2010, a local outfit attempted to give cinemagoers a taste of what Filipinos can showcase in the field of digital movie entertainment via RPG Metanoia. The film was touted the first full length Philippine animated film presented in 3D. It had an estimated budget of P100 million but only earned a fraction of its production cost. A year later, actor-politician Bong Revillasaid that he plans to produce the first Filipino film that will be shown in Imax. His vision is to project a 3D Panday on a 20-meter screen. And that’s about it.

Ang Panday 2011  Flavio and  the dragon

The fact is, Filipino cinemagoers are highly-entertained by Hollywood films. They are used to seeing brilliant and relatively better movies. This is the same exact reason why major film outfits are wary about producing expensive films. They already know their own capacity and limitation. They don’t want to risk millions of pesos just to lose money and be ignored. Case in point, RPG Metanoia’s P15 million gross against its multi-million production cost.

In the meantime, let’s set aside our question because the answer is quite apparent. Besides, romantic comedy and melodramatic films still have a defined market—the paying public satisfied in movies with grainy images and awfully engineered sound.

One response to “Will there ever be a Pinoy movie on IMAX?

  1. I’m also hoping for local film outlets to do worthy sci-fi flicks… enough with the romcoms, family drama and comic flicks. Viewers need to stimulate their minds.

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