JackCITY: Bold, sophisticated and sexy channel

SOLAR Entertainment Corporation has just dissolved its drama series-oriented channel, Chase, and created a “sidequel” to JackTV called JackCITY, which went on full broadcast on Nov. 12.

The media company saw an opportunity to leverage on the strength of the Jack brand and decided to capitalize on the mix of Chase’s provocative drama programs to build a genre-centered channel billed as bold yet sophisticated.

Burn Notice

“The primary reason why we are rebranding Chase is that we really wanted to have a destination for all of our new dramatic contents that wouldn’t fit on the current channels that we have,” Solar Entertainment COO Peter Chan Liong told the Standard Today.

The television executive furthered that they needed to have a brand that would be able to cover all additional shows that they have recently acquired. He also added that Chase, despite being a great channel, was too male skewered hence they decided to have a channel appealing to both male and female audiences.

White Collar

“JackCITY airs a mix of shows tailored towards yuppies and executives with ages ranging from the mid-20s to the 40s and above.  We wanted to have a brand that would allow us to capture a wider audience and be more advertising friendly. There are brands out there, particularly female brands, that would like to be identified with a channel that they can relate to and I think Chase did accomplish that objective,” Chan Liong explained.

JackCITY’s powerhouse lineup of shows includes a mix of established and well-followed shows like NCIS, Bones, Law & Order: SVU, The Mentalist, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, and White Collar. Also featured this November are the newly released comic book-inspired show Arrow and the second season of the fairytale drama Grimm.


The launch of JackCITY also marks the Philippine debut of two fresh and much talked about shows in the US, Elementary and Vegas. New additions, which will air in 2013, include post-apocalyptic drama Revolution, the gripping firehouse series Chicago Fire, the revival of the long-running Ewing family saga Dallas, and pulse-racing serial killer hunt The Following starring Kevin Bacon.

JackCITY is available on UHF free TV (via Beam) ch. 31, and on Cable Link ch. 40, Global Destiny ch. 60, and SkyCable ch. 84.

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