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MANILA, Philippines — After the recent discovery of the Teen Pregnancy Doll being sold in Divisoria last week, SWN is proud to present the Top 8 Holiday Gift Ideas for Filipinos.

The 2012 Top 8 Holiday Gift Ideas for Filipinos:

1. The Zoren Legaspi Bolster Pillow

After surprising his wife with a proposal and wedding ceremony on the same day, Zoren Legaspi became the “IT” guy for all hopeless romantics in the country. His “Pogi Points” skyrocketed to insane levels on that day. Give the gift of love this Christmas with the Zoren Legaspi Bolster Pillow.

Made from 100% cotton and measuring at almost 6ft; this intricately sewn pillow with a printed life size Zoren on the front, is the perfect gift for your hopeless romantic friends, and friends who will be spending the holidays alone.

Also available: BB. Gandanghari Bolster Pillow

2. The It-Should-Be-The-Job-Of-The-PNP CCTV Package


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