Crazy over Mario Maurer

It’s over a week now since Mario Maurer appeared on a Sunday night talk show to promote the movie Suddenly It’s Magic, but until now, the young Thai actor is still a hot topic among fans and curious observers.

Questions like “Why is he so cute?” to “Why is he so famous among teenage girls” are always heard reinforcing Mario being a talk of the town. Some say he’s going to be part of Philippine showbiz for a long time whilst others say this Mario’s phenomenal fame on this of the world is just a flash in the pan.

Even before the films The Love of Siam and Crazy Little Called Love hit our soils, Mario already had a good number of followers in the country. And “this so-called legendary invasion” (as what most of his fans call it) became official when he visited Manila in 2011 to endorse a clothing apparel and announced that he would star in a romantic flick opposite Erich Gonzales. Since then his local fan base has snowballed into a massive group of diehard fanatics who are willing to do anything just to have a glimpse of the 23-year-old star.

It’s interesting to note that Mario didn’t reach this status by just flashing his boyish smile. Like many stars in show business, he did it the hard way, and he’s even a reluctant star, if you will. From doing odd jobs like filling car tanks with gas, cleaning cars and filling tires with air, when he was working at a family-owned gas station, Mario’s life wasn’t that really glamorous until someone approached him to be a model. And of course the rest is history. You see, he has this life story that many people can relate to.

Perhaps Mario will do another movie in the Philippines, appear in a television series or even endorse another local brand. As far as we know, this Mario fever is far from over. So the next time your sister or even your mother giggled when they see Mario Maurer, wonder no more. Just ride on the idea that he’s dashing and he has this incredible mass appeal.

5 responses to “Crazy over Mario Maurer

  1. I can see why… He is good looking:)

  2. MarioFIED Foever…..!! 😀 😀

  3. hahahaha hi Mario parang ka c Jerome Ponce ah kasi parang ka muhka mo eh

  4. i love you mario maurer for ever ❤

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