Melissa Ricks unravels her sultry side, admits FHM cover was photoshopped

We asked Melissa Ricks what makes her feel beautiful and sexy. The 22-year-old actress retorted that being surrounded and loved by wonderful people makes her feel confident and beautiful. So where is the sexy in that answer?

We tried to ask her more but what answer we got from her was her experience shooting her very first FHM cover.

For the first time, Melissa unleashes her sexy side by posing for a lifestyle magazine specifically made for male readers. She, together with another Star magic talent Gerald Anderson, flew all the way to Hongkong for the project. The two and their team did not have the necessary permit for the shoot so what happened, they completed the task like they were tourists walking on the busy streets of the financial capital.

“It was a fun experience. The shoot was fast. When we see police approaches we acted as if we were just taking pictures together with the street signs,” she related.

On the cover, Melissa wears a white blazer over a revealing one-piece swimsuit. Asked whether the cover was photoshopped, the actress answered: “Every magazine cover is photoshopped. Yes, they did use photoshop to enhance my features and I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

But when asked which part of her body was enhanced she said that people should ask the creative team who did the final touches for the photos.

“It took me months to prepare for this. When I saw the final pictures, I could only say…wow. Our concept is sexy and elegant and that’s what the final product shows.”

Since she graced the cover of the men’s magazine, people were asking her if it’s already a sign that she is now going to portray sexy and mature roles. She emphasized that this bold move is nothing but natural for every woman her age. She considers her role in Walang Hanggan as her most daring yet, so that means, for the men who fantasize her appearing on the big or small screen wearing the same piece of clothes is rather unlikely.

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