Gerald Anderson is young and powerful

In this month’s issue of a popular men’s magazine, Gerald Anderson tops the list of young and successful men, who at their very young age, have achieved incredible milestones most people would take their entire lifetime to accomplish.

At the launch of FHM September issue, a magazine official described the 23-year-old actor as young and powerful accentuating Gerald’s status as one of the most bankable stars in ABS-CBN, a top product endorser and a staunch advocate of important causes.

To Gerald, being labeled as young and powerful is a great opportunity to encourage people to roll down their sleeves, do small and even big things to others especially those who are needy.

“For me it’s how you use your popularity,” Gerald told the media during the launch FHMCollections issue last week, “I hope the readers would see me, at the position that I am now, as someone who does good things to others the best way I can.”

The actor stressed that celebrities like him has the power to move, inspire and motivate people. He furthered that he sees his fame as a perk because it allows him to make things work fast, just the way he planned it.

Although it seems that Gerald already has everything a young man could ask for, the members of media who attended the event teased the actor for being single.

“My love story is chapter of a book which God hasn’t written yet. Busy pa kasi si God. Being single isn’t bad naman.” Gerald quipped.

The Kapamilya actor is the talk of the town of late when he finally aired his side on his failed romance with Sarah Geronimo. The two were regarded by the public as an item based on how they treated each other on and off cam. Their “supposed” romance bloomed when the two top-billed the 2011 romantic comedy, Won’t Last A Day Without You.

Gerald cleared the cobwebs and said that he has no regrets. For the record, Gerald has stopped wooing the Pop Princess.

“We no longer have any communication. We didn’t break up because we were not a couple to begin with. I am moving on, and I’m considering myself very blessed to have an opportunity to share beautiful moments with her,” he ended.

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