Megadeth rocks Manila

For the first time in its three-decade career, the quartet considered as one of the pioneering bands of the American trash metal movement visited Manila for a one-night concert at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Metal rock musicians Dave MustaineDavid EllefsonShawn Drover and Chris Broderick or collectively known as Megadeth staged a sold out concert on July 29. Like most of the people who have been following the “legendary trash band,” we asked them the question their fans have been dying to ask: Why visit the Philippines only now?

Frontman Dave Mustaine quickly responded, “The thing about coming to the Philippines has long been overdue. We should have come here a long time ago. Well it’s their fault,” pointing his fingers to the officials of Pulp Live World and Colt45 that are organizing the concert.

While the whole room was still bursting with laughter, Mustaine went back to being serious and shared a little story with the Standard Today.

“Frankly we should have come here a long time ago. We have met some friends that are not from the Philippines but Filipinos by decent…and some who are really great players,” said the California-born musician.

The 50-year-old founder of Megadeth underscored their little knowledge of the music scene in the Philippines as what triggered their interest to pay their Filipino fans a visit, including what they hear from other bands that have visited the country.

Mustaine also related the band’s relationship with its fans as one of the reasons why Megadeth has found its success.

“There’s no real secret to success. First you need to be honest with yourself and second, don’t ever screw your fans. At the end of the day those are the only things you’ve got, your name which correlates to being honest and of course your fans, this is our business, so we partners with our fans. Those are the main things plus writing songs that don’t suck,” Mustained beamed.

Megadeth has sold over 30 million albums worldwide with five consecutive albums being certified platinum or multi-platinum in the US. The Manila leg is part of the Asian tour that promotes Megadeth’s 13th studio album aptly called Th1rt3en.

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