Road to stardom: #ProtegeTop20

The Protege top 20 David John Llanas, Ruru Madrid, Apple Vega, Steffi Pacheco, Bryan Benedict, Mikoy Morales, Mitch Capili, Zandra Summer, Glenn Roy, Japs De Luna, Reese Tayag, Shelly Hipolito, Jeric Gonzales, Mykel Ong, Arny Ross, Thea Tolentino, Andres Vasquez, Vien Alen King, Elle Ramirez and Kelly D.

Here are the most-searched Proteges on the Internet:

Apple Vega

Ruru Madrid

Steffi Pacheco

Mykel Ong

Jeric Gonzales

Shelly Hipolito

Mikoy Morales

3 responses to “Road to stardom: #ProtegeTop20

  1. I’m so excited last night. But I thought there’s some candidate does not deserve the position. Well, let we see they’re talent :))
    Goodluck guys ..

  2. marissan bronidor

    GUDlUCK TO ALL 🙂 eapecially RURU MADRID !

  3. cute teaGa nG la’at protege sna mkita co kau in persOn??……plzzzzz….

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