Enchong Dee infuses color in his everyday life

Enchong Dee is a full-fledged advocate of living a healthy lifestyle whose healthy regimen of exercise, swimming (an offshoot of his competitive days as front-runner for the De La Salle varsity swim team, which led to his stint with the Philippine National Swim Team), and careful food intake – keeps him at his best behavior at all times. In fact, he has been invited to join the Ironman Triathlon this August.

It is then no surprise that in his added role as Nutrilite Brand Ambassador, this fast-rising Filipino star has recently found himself immersed in a VIP tour of the NUTRILITE™ Health Institute (NHI) Center for Optimal Health in Buena Park, California, with a news crew from his network in tow. The Center brings together leaders in the fields of academia, science, and research with business leaders and public audiences in order to make the highest possible level of nutritional information available to the world.

The 3,000-square meter Center for Optimal Health is essentially the home to the NUTRILITE™ Experience — an informative, interactive, customized program focused on personal health and the NUTRILITE™ brand. Enchong and his team entered the facility, fully escorted by no less than NUTRILITE™ guest relations supervisor Robert Tully, and first stopped by the two-storey Brand Exhibit Center, which features four interactive pillars that show the steps leading to Optimal Health: Nutrition, Supplementation, Body, and Mind. Besides being able to interact with these columns, Enchong also came face to face with an impressive, 7.45-meter high, three-dimensional DNA structure framed by a striking wall mural depicting Leonardo Da Vinci’s classic Vitruvian Man. These displays are powerful symbols that explain how the Center for Optimal Health helps visitors reach for optimal health and balance in their lives.

A key highlight of Enchong’s tour inside the Center was a stroll into four Gardens that was as informative as it was relaxing. Each Garden shows how NUTRILITETM takes full control of product development — from seed to supplement — to ensure that you are getting the best, most nutritious, and most effective plant-based vitamins and minerals on your quest to achieve optimal health. The first garden, dedicated to “You and Your Health,” explains how lifestyle choices and geography affect health; this garden presents ways to recognize, assess and transform all the “negatives” in your life — pollution, stress, the lack of nutrients in your diet, lack of exercise, alcohol, sleep deprivation and others — into positives, as part of the journey to optimal health. The second garden, devoted to “Nature”, shows off the unique selling point of all NUTRILITETM products: concentrates with phytonutrients. The third garden, explains Tully, reminds you that “Science” is a vital aspect of the NUTRILITETM brand; in fact, the brand has some of the world’s top nutritional scientists looking for cutting edge ingredients and imposing environmental, production controls and quality measurement to ensure that every single product created is the best it can be. This leads to the fourth and final garden, which is also one of the most important: “People,” employees and brand ambassadors like Enchong who are all very eager and passionate to share the benefits of NUTRILITETM simply because the brand supports their daily lives. The results of these gardens can be savored in the Healthy Juice Bar, which features a NUTRILITETM signature drink with phytonutrients created especially for the Center as well as snacks of colorful fruits and vegetables grown on NUTRILITETM farms.

Visiting the NUTRILITETM Center for Optimal Health in California has helped the athletic matinee idol Enchong Dee continue on the road to achieving his Optimal Health goals. But for you and others who haven’t had the pleasure of getting there, take heart! As explained to Enchong, all it takes is a little education on colorful nutrition, exercise and rest, thanks to the efforts of the NUTRILITETMHealth Institute and the Center for Optimal Health. With that in mind, start on your pathway to optimal health and develop your passion for healthy living today.


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