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Coca-Cola has successfully released  another Share a Coke moment in a three-minute spectacle. In a bid to capture the eyeballs of the U.S. college-age market, Coca-Cola has partnered with Ryan Seacrest Productions, a group of engineering students and two YouTube celebrities to develop and seed an online video.

YouTube personalities Justine Ezarik (iJustine) and Josh Chomik (TheComputerNerd01) narrate how 12 engineering students from Harvey Mudd and CalTech build an elaborate Rube Goldberg-inspired contraption — complete with the brand’s iconic polar bears, a Pac-Man and a double rainbow — designed to open and pour two cans of coke.

The construction of the elaborate contraption took two days for these students to finish. It was unveiled before other students who were actually in the middle of their final exams. Here’s the viral video:

Share a kiss

Meanwhile, another video caught my attention while I was at the screening of The Artist,  the opening film for the 17th edition of the French Film Festival in Manila. The video is the advert for Air France.

Produced by InFiné  the soundtrack on the new international Air France advertising campaign, “L’envol” features the choreography by Angelin Preljocaj and stars dancers Benjamin Millepied and Virginie Caussin

The commercial was shot in the Moroccan desert, on a 400 square meter mirror floor, in a single sequence plan and with no special effects.This poetic metaphor of flight is accompanied by the Adagio from Mozart’s piano concerto No.23 (K488). See for yourself and admire the seamless and creative ad:

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  1. Ay kagrabe gyud kaayo! (Translated: This is outrageously amazing!)

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