Mainstream stars go indie

Some struggling actors are still at it in dropping their clothes or doing provocative scenes in independent flicks hoping that they could get the attention of big movie producers and hotshot talent managers for that elusive big break in show business.

This common scenario is still evident behind the making of sleazy films, but on the other end spectrum, indies serve as playground for experimental and unconventional works. Also, indies are haven both to showbiz wannabes and to those who have lost their sheen in the dog-eat-dog world of mainstream entertainment.

Interestingly the trend on the indie landscape is slightly beginning to change. Established talents are roped in even without a big contract involved.

Judy Ann Santos for example, was convinced to join Eugene DomingoIza Calzado and Agot Isidro in a Cinemalaya entry by Jose Javier Reyes. In one of her interviews, Judy Ann said that movie entitled Mga Mumunting Lihimis something refreshing and out-of-the box.

Another bankable star, Gerald Anderson, is in his first indie film, El Brujo. Gerald plays an off-beat role. In the teaser we saw online, Gerald looks rough, a typical action star.

Most mainstream talents that have already dabbled in indie movies have one thing in common. They want freedom—a total control of the character they portray, which they cannot normally do when they are cast in a mainstream film.

And because most award giving bodies now recognize independent films, this probably is one of the exciting advantages that draws our stars to venture into low budget indies. Admit it or not, the prestige of being called best actor or best actress good fodder for their already bloated egos.

Boy Pick Up 

In another sad episode in Philippine cinema, GMA Films has decided to blow up the character of Ogie Alcasid in a Bubble Gang segment into a motion picture. Like what they did with Yaya and Angelina, the producers are banking on the supposed popularity of Boy Pick Up wishing that it could translate into decent box office figures.

The film centers, of course, on Boy Pick Up, the legendary champion of the Pikapista underground battles, who lives a solitary life with his pet goldfish. He meets the love of his life when he applies as a pastry chef and sees Angel (Solenn Heussaf). Add a little conflict in between and some pick up lines and that’s the whole story.

We know for sure that Ogie Alcasid and the rest of the cast of Boy Pick Up: The Movie only want to bring wholesome entertainment but this whole thing does not seem to help the problem of the dying industry. We would rather see Ogie in an indie movie than starring in comedy inspired by lame ideas.

Anne in Hollywood 

Anne Curtis is taking a one-month leave in Showtime because of a better opportunity and exposure overseas. Anne is currently doing a Hollywood movie with a working title Blood Ransom.

The story of the film starts when a Filipino immigrant hiding in America is forced to plot a kidnapping. The simple plan is for the main character to abduct his American boss’s young girlfriend but the plot goes terribly wrong when his accomplices botch up the entire plan.

This movie is directed by Filipino-American Francis dela Torre, the same director that helmed Subject: I Love You, which starred Jericho Rosales.

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