Alexander Vega Hidalgo or simply Alex Hidalgo is a 24-year-old Costa Rican male model who has been very visible on the Philippine modelling scene. The 6-foot tall Latino hunk has landed major modeling gigs and contracts – from runway to television commercials and from fashion spreads to big tarps .

Sebastian Castro

Please read this one blog through, the same way you’d listen through all a troubled friend had to say. The more I talked to Alex, the closer to home everything kept sounding. Ultimately you can help out more than you think.

[Click  on the highlighted words for direct links to his TVC’s]

Many of you might sooner remember Alex’s face from any one of his many modeling campaigns–Smart’s Superhero TVC, Boracay Rum, C2 Green Tea, HSBC Bank, Whisper, or the Cosmo Bachelor Bash. I remember Alex, as “that dude” I would often practice my Spanish with while waiting at VTRs/castings,” more of a “hey what’s new in your life kinda” friend. Though he’s not Filipino-blooded much like I’m not myself, Alex rocked many Filipino modeling campaigns. No doubt, he’s a grateful guy. But after a year and a half of project/modeling gigs since he first left Costa Rica, he doesn’t…

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