People…are/are not talking about

Sid Lucero

He has found a home that does not just appreciate his exceptional acting talent but also make sure that he is well taken care of. Unlike in his previous mother studio, Sid is now very much visible with numerous TV projects one after another.

Daniel Padilla

Believe it or not, he signed with a major label to release a compilation album solely dedicated to his growing number of followers. And as expected whether the teen heartthrob can hit a note or not, those giddy fans will surely buy his record.

…are not talking about

 Gretchen Fullido

She was the envy of many for being the first to interview visiting Hollywood star Ian Somerhalder at the airport until the PR firm that brought the actor in the country banned her in future press dos. What did she do? Your guess is as good as ours.

Sharon Cuneta

We couldn’t agree more when director Joey Reyes said that she is in a career suicide. Now infamous for answering back her bashers on Twitter, now nobody cares so much about her, unless you want some heavyweight bashing yourself.

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