Rising star Bea Binene

Fans of Bea Binene know her for being sweet, pretty and bubbly. But behind her charming image is a person whose soul is beyond her age—witty, eloquent and goal-oriented.

No ordinary girl

Not known to many, fourteen year-old Bea is an active person. The former StarStruck Kids finalist lists swimming and wushu (where she already competed in the national games in 2010) as her major sport. She also enjoys other physical activities like badminton and wall climbing, and if time permits, she plans to try gun shooting and scuba diving out.

Bea moves and looks like any other teenage girl but she says, she dresses her age and chooses appropriate wardrobe that match her good girl image. Although she already puts on some makeup, she defends that it is something that her work requires.

Contrary to what people read in tabloids, she is not [yet] into boys, no crushes or whatsoever. Bea is very focused on what she wants to do in her life, giving priority to her education. She’s currently in home study program and at Level 8 or equivalent to second year high school. After she finishes home schooling, Bea plans to take up mass communication in college. She also wants to enroll in a culinary school.

Bea cares

The Kapuso teen has been passionate supporting important advocacies since she was six years old. She has long been connected to Haribon, an organization that promotes environmental and wildlife protection and conservation in the country, as a young ambassador gracing every planting activity, fun run and other events that highlight biodiversity.

Due to her deep love for different worthy causes, in December last year, the teen star decided to put up her own foundation aptly called Bea Binene Cares.

“The foundation’s main objective is simply to give help, hope and happiness most especially to children. Because we are just started reaching out to people we focus on feeding programs. It’s the easiest way that we can share hope and happiness with the less fortunate,” she said and added, “when I became exposed to different advocacies; I realized that a lot of people really need help.”

Realizing that she has been receiving so many blessings, the foundation also is her means to give back.

Bea was once dubbed as the next Mel Tiangco of Kapuso Network. Although it’s an odd moniker for a rising teen star, Bea asserted that she is humbled and very flattered.

“I grew up in Kapuso Public Affairs so I’m comfortable doing things like that,” Bea beamed, “It started when I relieved for Tita Mel and until now if she is not available, I take her place in the Kapuso Foundation segment on 24 Oras.”

She likes action

As one of the busiest and the most visible teen talents of GMA Network, Bea is aware that comparison and competition is inevitable. She is always compared to Barbie Forteza, another Kapuso teen talent, who has been her co-stars in numerous projects since she started in showbiz.

“I don’t really dwell on the negative issues like comparing me to other stars, I know myself and my capabilities. I know I still have so much to learn that’s why I always try to put my best foot forward,” the young star said in Tagalog.

As a young star, Bea looks up to one of her co-stars in Alice Bungisngis. She said she has high respect and admiration for Jean Garcia.

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