People…are talking about

Bea Binene

HER contemporaries in GMA Network have all the reasons to feel threatened because this petite young actress is determined to take it all. While everyone else is waiting in the wings, Bea is busy with television projects and currently the most visible teen star in her mother studio.

Anne Curtis

To set the record straight, the former Dyosa star is not going to be a model, a judge or a mentor in the hit fashion series, America’s Next Top Model. The program will only show a few photos of Anne wearing the designs of Francis Libiran. Even though, that’s still a breath of fresh air compared to seeing Anne in a crappy noontime show.

Nancy Castiglione

She’s no longer active in showbiz today, but there’s something people should learn about her. The starlet has ventured into a different field. She’s a broker now for a financial institution. That’s a good fall back for someone who put premium on good education. Remember, showbiz is not forever.

…are not talking about


Cristine Reyes

She and her sister have shown the public the ugly side of showbiz but of course at the end of it all, we can still expect a reconciliation. But in this episode of Cristine’s life, why is everybody thinking she is the bad sister? Well, your guess is as good as ours.

Jake Cuenca

Yesterday he was a primetime leading man, today he is relegated as an afternoon soap star. We don’t know yet what’s going to happen to Jake tomorrow. But from the looks of it, considering the disappointing performance of his current project, the future for this pretty boy is blurry.

Sam Milby

We heard he’s coming back to Manila as his Hollywood quest didn’t bear fruits. But why? He had just left a couple of months ago. Hollywood A-listers waited years and years to have that one big shot to fame. We didn’t know Sam is fainthearted. Or perhaps he thought he’d be too old to get a break.

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  1. Uhm you forgot Piolo Pascual? 😀

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