Can Hanson still MMMBop?

By the time you finish reading this article, IsaacTaylor and Zac, or collectively known as Hanson, have just wrapped up another concert in Canada. Maybe they’re on their way back in the US to prepare for another tour.

The band that popularized the catchy bubblegum “MMMBop” visited the country last week for a two-night concert in Manila and Cebu. The Philippine visit is part of the Shout It Out World Tour that kicked off sometime in 2010 and was resumed in September 2011. The main goal of the tour is to promote Shout It Out, Hanson’s 8th studio album, originally released in June 2010.

The crowd in Hanson - Shout It Out Tour Manila. Photo courtesy of

For the Manila concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, Hanson failed to fill up the venue. By estimate, the crowd occupied just 30 to 40 percent of the venue.

Hanson is still a good act, great act if you will. It’s only awkward for the audience to hear “MMMbop,” the band’s most popular and most successful single to date, sang a pitch or two lower. That is because Isaac, Zac, and more particularly Taylor (the band’s main vocalist) have all grown up and developed deeper voices.

Shout It Out tour is aimed to woe more fans but it seems unlikely in the Philippines.


It’s a gamble for concert promoters to bring foreign acts in the country most especially if the artists were popular in the past decades.

Case in point, 58-year-old Cyndi Lauper, who was at the Big Dome on March 17. The show was a big disappointment. But we believe the feeling was mutual because Cyndi’s entourage was expecting a big crowd but they were surprised to see Araneta Coliseum looking like a velodrome.

She is flocked by her throngs of fans. Thanks to the illusion this photo gives.

One good thing about it, Cyndi performed like she used to do when she was younger. She jumped up and down the stage and even went down reach out to her loyal followers.

Cyndi is a great artist. Although we can only count her hits with the fingers in one hand, poor publicity did the concert in. The concert producer focused more on radio advertising to promote Cyndi’s concert when in fact aggressive television, print and new media promotion can make a big difference to reach a target audience.

3 responses to “Can Hanson still MMMBop?

  1. Hmmm, I think it’s just fine. I was there so I can tell which is which about the article here and with what I saw – and hear. Yes, we are sad that not a lot of people came in that night. But… we feel sorry for them because Hanson’s music – pure, unadulterated, organic – won the respect of many other artist who are bigger than them and they didn’t even have a glimpse of it in its finest form. And Hanson singing MMMBop until now is not a childhood thing. It is a song that anyone of any age can relate to – relationships that can be gone in an MMMBop or “a matter of time” so you got to hold on to the one who really cares. Their voices changed – we love it! At least we know we are not the only ones who are getting old. In fact, we grew up with them through their music.

    Promotions, this is the department that I’ll agree on. When it comes to promoting, why can’t gigantic networks in our country work hand-in-hand in advertising concerts of such great musical geniuses? It will leave a better impression that “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”, right?

    Thanks for the article! Hope you’ll love Hanson too!

    • I appreciate that you see this article as something positive, or objective if you will. I grew up singing MMMBop. I believe I was in grade school when they became extremely popular among the young music aficionados…Yes, I’m a fan but that doesn’t mean I’ll be all praises, they’re not perfect, no one is.

      • I just graduated gradeschool when the Hanson phenomena happened. What happened last March 30 was not really their fault. Promotional failure pulled the tower down. Yet, I know that if they came here at their peak, they might have more followers now – with the kids and grandchildren.
        Perfect, I’m sure they do not want to be referred to as such – only insane fans do.

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