Apl.de.Ap gives back

Filipino-American hip-hop artist apl.de.ap hit two birds with just stone and that if someone joined him in his latest trip to the country, that person would have experienced an extremely busy trip.

Clearly happy to be back in Manila, Black Eyed Peas member apl, spent a week shooting a television commercial for San Miguel Beer with Kris Aquino, meeting people for a collaboration album and spearheading a project that will build classrooms for the less fortunate.

Allan Pineda Lindo, in real life, wants to be more involved in helping out underprivileged communities. With the help of San Miguel Corp., apl started raising funds to build 10,000 classrooms around the country. He considers his partnership with SMB a “collaboration beyond business” because it does not end with just doing a television commercial but goes deeper in making difference. In fact, he attended the ground breaking ceremonies of the newly-erected building in Cagayan de Oro before he left the country.

Last year, apl was back in Manila to monitor the progress of the ongoing projects. He also visited his friends and relatives in Sapang Bato, Angeles, Pampanga.

“Everytime I come home to the Philippines, there’s nothing like it, always memorable, so festive. My favorite thing is going home…hanging out with my friends and family,” he said during the press conference and contract signing for SMB’s newest TVC.

Riding Apl.de.Ap’s Jeepney

The 37-yeal-old rapper is also working on a solo album that will feature another Fil-Am and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, Bruno Mars, pop star Charice and Aeta singing sensation Arjohn Gilbert.

“It’s going to more of collaboration album with a few Tagalog songs,” and added, “It will be released internationally.”

Apl has been keen in supporting Filipino musicians especially in the United States. As a matter of fact, his record label Jeepney Music has been devoted supporting Filipino talents. The main purpose of Jeepney is to look up for artists from the Philippines.

“I wanted to collaborate with other Filipino artists or to help them out in production and getting their music out globally and not just getting being stuck here in the Philippines,” he affirmed.

4 responses to “Apl.de.Ap gives back

  1. Proud of Apl. Hope artists like Charice or Arnel Pineda would the same.

  2. Marunong talaga siyang lumingon sa pinanggalingan.

  3. It is always great to hear about celebrities who go back to their roots and help out in whatever way they can! He seems to be a very humble person.

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