National Geographic Channel presents Inside Malacañang

Two years ago a group of individuals headed by Marnie Manicad had a project in mind. It would put the Philippines at the center of world’s attention.

Manicad, who is wife of GMA News reporter Jiggy Manicad, has a documentary on Malacañang Palace, She thought of this even before President Benigno Aquino III was voted President.

The hour long documentary, which took one-and-a-half years to produce, takes a look at the day-to-day happening inside Malacañang. It shows the chambers of the palace previously off-limits to the media and the public, and examines myths and beliefs about the presidential entourage.

The documentary has been compressed from 300 hours of footage, including never-before-seen-videos and plus trivia. It is at times entertaining with humor spicing up serious subjects and within the standards of the National Geographic Channel. Inside Malacañang gives substantial details about the history and architecture of the palace without jeopardizing its security features.

During the preview, Jude Turcuato, Fox International Channels vice president and territory head for Philippines, revealed that the channel aims to feature more relevant programs to the Filipino audience.

“With Inside Malacañang we hope more Filipinos would appreciate the office of the President and the people who help run it everyday. Through this documentary that was proudly made by a Filipino production team, we also wanted to show the world-class talent of Filipinos in producing long-form documentaries.” Turcuato said

The television executive added that the exclusive feature will air on March 18 and is already scheduled to be shown internationally as part of the Inside series, which currently includes Inside the White House, Inside Air Force One, and Inside the Vatican.

3 thoughts on “National Geographic Channel presents Inside Malacañang

  1. I am happy to see that people will finally know a little more insight! I definitely have to agree that when this is shown more people will have appreciation for the hard work done.

  2. Great. But they should look into their facts. Some of the details in the docu are incorrect. Cory didn’t use the a ferry to leave the palace during coup plot. They even say it’s a never before seen footage when in fact Cory was just leaving malacanang to check on noynoy who was badly hurt.

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