Most Yahooed! and Googled personalities in 2011

Television has become a ratings warfare for top television networks. Every week one station claims that it is dominating the ratings race in the viewer-rich Mega Manila and ultimately the entire country.

Most of us are aware that television ratings has been the basis of major network to guauge the success of their program and of course the popularity of the stars that top-bill the show. However, survey firms AGB Nielsen Philippines and TNS Media Research that provide these figures oftentimes provide conspicuously different data leaving the audience asking which of them is more reliable.

Good thing we have the ever consistent websites that measure the popularity of celebrities and television shows. Apart from Twitter that instantaneously tells us who or what are the people are talking about, two of the world’s top search engines, Google and Yahoo!, come up with their list of the trending or most search names and events. If in doubt, these websites’ list is a better alternative to the ratings data given by survey firms.

In their local edition, Yahoo! and Google came up with an annual list that identifies the top stories and trends of the year based on millions of monthly unique visitor activity on its network and consumer searches.

The top searches for Yahoo! Philippines in 2011 were showbiz newsmakers including Shamcey Supsup, Sam Pinto, Shalani Soledad, Andi Eigenmann, AJ Perez and Marian Rivera who made headlines for their make-ups, break-ups, national and international notoriety and fame. On the other hand, Google Philippines named Julia Montes, John Apacible, Kathryn Bernardo, JM de Guzman, and Albie Casino as the most popular celebrities on the web.

Yahoo! Philippines listed Pilipinas Got Talent, American Idol,Temptation Island, Mara Clara, Talentadong Pinoy as the most popular in the television and movie category. Meanwhile put Imortal, Pilipinas Got Talent season 2, Protégé, Interaksyon, and Pilipinas Got Talent season 3 as the top-searched television programs.

4 responses to “Most Yahooed! and Googled personalities in 2011

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  3. Now this only shows ABS CBN leads the pack!

  4. Yeah…ABS-CBN leads the crap…

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