May-December love affair

I was reading an article online about X Factor judge Caroline Flack, 32, defending her relationship with band member Harry Styles, who is just 17. The unrepentant cougar, says she has done nothing wrong and that people simply aren’t accepting of big age gaps. Suddenly, a similar story caught my attention, no it’s not Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. 

“Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna” became one of the top trending local topics of microblogging site Twitter after the netizens expressed distaste over Vic and Pauleen’s blooming romance. Vic, who is 57 is reportedly smitten with Pauleen, who will pass as the comedian-host’s daughter at age 23. But as what the loud buzzes in showbiz say, Vic and Pauleen found love in between those big age gaps. But this May-December love affair brings us to the question: Does age really matter in choosing a partner?

In modest society like ours, or event in a more liberated environment, people do not approve of big age difference between two lovers. Five to ten years are fine, but two to three decades age gap raises eyebrows.

Successful relationships between older and younger people are actually the exception and not the norm. To those hopeless romantic, age is just a number but be ready to face what people around you might say. Still there’s a double standard when it comes to age differences. It is fine for a young woman to fall in love with an older man but some find it distasteful the other way around. But if two people find security and love with each other, who are we to judge them?

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