Nothing but copycats

When someone is inspired by something he saw, he tends to come up with the same event that would recreate the experience. It’s like reading a book or seeing a work of art, you are so moved that you want to do something that will also inspire other people.

When you recreate an experience, it’s inevitable for you to directly copy your inspiration, that’s normal. But when you copy something and do not recognize the original work, then that’s completely a different story. Probably you are one of those who haven’t encountered the word plagiarism or the phrase stealing someone else’s work.

Take for example the Star Cinema and Viva Films’ co-production Won’t Last a Day Without You. The synopsis: A female radio jock who has a popular relationship advice show advises a caller to break up with her boyfriend. Much to the DJ’s surprise, that boyfriend shows up at the station, asking for restitution. The DJ tries to help him win his girl back, but the two fall in love in the process.

That seems romantic but have you heard of the 2008 American/Irish romantic comedy,The Accidental Husband starring Uma Thurman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Justina Machado? Its synopsis is pretty much the same: When talk radio host Emma Lloyd advises one of her listeners to break up with her boyfriend, the jilted ex sets about getting his revenge.

Hey, that could be just a coincidence. Nobody, not even Hollywood, can solely own that plot. It can happen to any person in any country in the world. But can we still call it coincidence if the same writer who wrote the script of Won’t Last a Day Without You was the same writer behind the movie Forever and a Day (top-billed by Sam Milby and KC Concepcion), which resembles the premise of A Walk to Remember? Alright, let us say it’s another coincidence but how can we the story of Lobo, which the person was part of art direction? Isn’t the defunct series Lobo which is an awful combination of all the popular and contemporary vampires and werewolves stories that we have? Where is the artistic integrity of this story writer?

3 responses to “Nothing but copycats

  1. This is the last thing I want to hear about Philippine Movies. Aren’t we creative enough to think of better stories? This makes me sick.
    If you’re after money then don’t just gather BIG stars and put them in a copy cat story. Shameful. 😦

  2. i’m watching the movie right now and when it came to the part when sarah told the caller to break up with her boyfriend, i suddenly remembered the hollywood movie i saw but i can’t seem to remember the title so i googled it and there you go! copycat nga. maybe the writer is thinking that (most) pinoys won’t recognize the movie plot coz (most) pinoys only watch these kind of kilig love story movies and they don’t even know “accidental husband” exists coz they don’t usually watch hollywood movies.

    • True! exactly the point. These writers think some Filipino moviegoers are stupid. And when you tell this to them, the fans most especially would tell you that you’re just riding on the fame of their idol. Pathetic. When you interview these writers, they speak as if they are the last word in filmmaking and storytelling.

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