What’s up KC?

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KC Concepcion
Her interview on The Buzz last week drew both wanted and unwanted attention from the public. Apart from the showbiz talk show was a ratings winner because of her appearance and revelation, thousands of twitter posts about her and her “ex-lover” made everybody felt extremely entertained. Even those people living on the other side of the world were intrigued on the hullaballoo happening in the Philippines because of this rather dramatic fanfare. If only ABS-CBN didn’t sanitize the interview the supposed to be tell-all interview then KC would have made history on local television. For what reason? Your guess is as good as ours.
The Road
This is the kind of movie local film outfits should be producing more as it allows moviegoers to see how brilliant local filmmakers can get when they explore and go beyond their boundaries. The Road is not the typical formula movie like those produced by Star Cinema or Viva Films. The five years in the making psychological thriller may not equal what Praybeyt Benjamin or No Other Woman earned at the local tills, but it is a kind of cinematic experience every Filipino would be proud to share with foreign film enthusiasts who do not understand local culture. Unlike the romcoms from other major outfits, this Yam Laranas helmed movie has a global appeal.
Growing Up
Teen oriented shows are meant for teens but this Kapamilya program has a growing fan base that even those who have passed puberty age are hooked up with it. Every week, Growing Up and its cast members are the usual trending and most searched topics on search engine and social networking sites. We bet its closest competitors are wondering why they are not experiencing the same reception. And we feel sorry for them as it all boils down to appeal and star factor. Growing Up has the same impact as Gimik or TGIS had in the past and we won’t be surprised if its stars would make it big as well.
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Maricar Reyes
In the middle of KC Concepcion-Piolo Pascual media spectacle, a highly unlikely angle is being dished out by ABS-CBN management themselves. And sadly, Maricar, who is no way connected to Piolo or KC, is being used as the third wheel in the most talked about break up in local showbiz. It would be easy for people to believe that Maricar is indeed the culprit why Piolo became estranged to KC if the starlet has been seen or spotted with Kapamilya’s prized actor in numerous occasions. We are just wondering though, if KC had to book a schedule just to see Piolo, how come Maricar was able to mingle with the actor in his very busy timetable?
Sam Milby
He said he’s going to have a short break in local showbiz because he’s eyeing Hollywood this time. But according to showbiz insiders, Sam is just saying he’s moving to the world’s entertainment capital because he has other career plans, that is, to transfer to a different network. There have rumors that Sam is the next Kapamilya star who is set to make the big leap following in the footsteps of those who considered bigger paychecks than bigger exposure. Well, no matter what his decision would be, we can only wish him good.
Believe it or not, this primetime series has already started airing. In fact it is down to its 20th episode. But how come nobody seems to feel its presence considering it features big names like Lorna Tolentino , Alice Dixson and some of the better thespians on the local scene? The obvious answer is that the series is in a proper timeslot but not in a proper channel. Though TV5 will never admit it, most of its series are the less favored programs on primetime. It will take years or decades or even forever before it can take the place of GMA 7 or ABS-CBN because in the beauty obsessed world of showbiz, aging actors have no steady ground. This is the reality that TV5 is missing out.

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